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Generation 4: To the Ends Of the Earth, I’ll Go

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Hello all! I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things and I’ve kicked it off with a new legacy!

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Meet Lauryn Hernandez, the daughter of the formerly known telenovela star turned alcoholic, Maria Hernandez. Follow her as she begins her journey into adulthood and struggles to find the true meaning of family.

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I’m baaaaaack! 

Hello all! I’ve missed you all so much! My lovely husband surprised me with a new computer as an early Christmas present, so of course the first thing I did was install sims. My new legacy will be coming out soon, I just have to figure out what I’m going to call it. 


Starlet Sims ❤️❤️

Final Finale :'(



~*sob* welcome to the final finale. Let’s take minute to remember our roots before we dive in~

Nora Jameson- Generation 1: The woman who built this legacy on her shoulders alone, she survived the toughest emotional and physical experiences, all while raising her children with grace and dignity. She was truly the inspiration for this legacy.

Saeran Jameson- Generation 2: Never have I poured so much of myself into a character until Saeran came along. She dealt with some of the toughest mental struggles that anyone can face, she went to hell and back, returning with three beautiful angels. A wonderful mother, and an amazing musician.

Ashling Jameson- Generation 3: A teenage runaway who met the love of her life on the side of the road.  She went through a mother’s worst nightmare, and stood face to face with man who caused it all. She is strong like her mother and grandmother, and she is brave every day.  

Brodie Jameson- Generation 4: The first male heir and secretly my favorite. He has spent his entire life with one mission in life, being on the police force brings him that much closer to completing that mission. A good husband and a great father, he is a true hero.


~~~~~Now onto Brodie’s story. (Just a reminder, I will only have so many pictures, so please bear with me if I reuse a few pictures.)~~~~




“You really have to go in to work today? It is a Saturday…” Bethany trailed off as her eyes begged me to stay.

I lay m hands on her stomach, “I’m only a phone call away, and if anything happens I’ll be here in a heartbeat. I don’t know why I was called in, but Chief Kragen had an urgent message for me, babe, and I can’t just ignore that. I’ll call in an hour  and see how things are going.”

She nodded solemnly and I gave her a quick peck on the cheek, I know she was nervous because her due date is tomorrow, but I have a gut feeling that Chief Kragen has news about Hazel’s birth parents. I got to the station in record time, trying not to feel guilty about leaving Bethany


The chief was waiting for me as I walked into my office, “Glad you could make it, Jameson. I’d normally tell you over the phone, but this kind of news is best said in-person.”

I nod and mentally prepare myself for what’s coming, “What’s going on, Chief?”

“We’ve gotten the DNA results from Hazel’s lab work…”He shifted uncomfortably, “and you won’t believe it.”

Me knees grew faint from he anticipation, but I waited patiently until he continued, “Hazel’s DNA was a 50% match to one file in our system..”

My eyes grew wide and I interrupted him, “Eila Jameson?”

With one nod, the chief had changed my world completely. I whooped for joy and had to force my body to be still, “I knew she was alive, I could feel it, sir.”

He smiled and clapped me on the shoulder, “Yes, and we’ve reviewed the security tapes outside the station, and you won’t believe what we’ve found. You know the gang on the eastern side of town, the one with the werewolves?”

“The Black Wolves. Yes, my family knows them very well.”

“Well, we saw one of the known sons of the head crime boss, Pieter something, he was the one who placed Hazel here.”

“Is that enough for a warrant?” I bit my lip, trying to conceal my anger, but failing miserably.

The chief gave a gruff nod, “I’m already on it. It should be here within the hour and then we can move out.” With that, he walked out and left me to my own thoughts.


My first move was to call Bethany, who answered right away, “Hello?” the background was filled with the cries of multiple kids.

“Beth, we found her! Well we at least know who was seen with her last. We leave in an hour for the east side of town.”

“Brodie, I….hold on… Vivi, you need to finish eating your peas before you go play…Sorry, the girls are tired. What time will you be back?”

“Hopefully I’ll be back at the end of the day with my sister in tow.”

“Ok, just….be safe. I love you.”

“Love you too, and hang in there. This nightmare is almost over, Beth.”


What Bethany didn’t mention was the fact that she had started having contractions almost right after he had left for work. Once they hung up the phone, another gripped her small frame, leaving her gasping for air as it finished. She called her mother-in-law into the room, “Ma, I think I’m in labor, will you be able to handle the girls if I leave for the hospital?” Ashling could’ve taken a swing at her son, leaving his pregnant wife alone when she was about to go into labor. She shooed Bethany out the door, telling her not to worry.

screenshot-20 Bethany made it to the hospital and got checked in without a fuss. After being examined by a doctor, she learned she was more than halfway dilated, and almost ready to push. She was too far along in labor to have an epidural, so with each contraction, Bethany cursed Brodie while also begging him to come sooner. After three and a half more hours of pushing, Benjamine Jameson entered the world(I really wish I had pictures of him to show you. He was super adorable).


Brodie’s P.O.V

screenshot-25The chief and I stepped out of the squad car and surveyed the fancy mansion before us. I whistled loudly, “Good thing we brought CSU here with us. There’s no way we’d be able to cover this much house with just the two of us.” The chief nodded, but his gaze seemed to be fixated on something in the distance next to the house. He nearly sprinted toward the house, shouting over his shoulder, “I’ll bet my next paycheck that they’re keeping her in that cellar hatch. The one with that ladder next to it. Okay, team. We are a go. You may go ahead and search the house. Be alert as the owner of the property is known to be armed and dangerous, he’s just a slippery fella.”

He turned to me, “Normally, I’d make sit it out, but I know what I’d do if the shoe was on the other foot, so I’m bringing you with me to the cellar.” I followed suit, as we entered the gate and crept towards the cellar. I knelt down into the damp moss and pried it open with my hands, I dropped the ladder down and clicked on my flashlight. The chief followed me as I led us down the ladder. My heart lept in my chest as my flashlight caught a thin woman, with a ‘deer in the headlights look’. I held my hand out and waited for her to take it, “Hi there, I’m Officer Jameson, and this is Chief Kragen. We’re here to take you away from here. Would you like that?” She nodded her head warily, finally taking my hand. She clung to me as I carried her up the ladder, my shirt wet with her tears and mine.

As we sat next to each other in the back of the ambulance, my throat grew thick with everything I wanted to tell her but all I could say was, “We found you through your baby daughter.” She burst into tears and began sobbing, “My baby! My baby! Where is she? Is she okay? Pieter killed her didn’t he.”

I put my arm around her shoulder, “She’s safe and cared for. My wife and I have actually been taking care of her.”

She looked up at me curiously, “Why would you do that?”

I was at a loss for words, but tears were streaming down my cheeks, “Because…you’re my little sister. I’ve been looking for you for the last 12 years.”

I pulled her into my arms, trying not to notice how scarily thin she was. I pushed the hair out of her face, “Your name is Eila Jameson, and you were taken from us at Rivermoor Beach on August 7th. I’ve spent every waking moment of my adulthood trying to find you.”

She cried harder and clung to me, after a moment, I let her go and walked away to give her a minute. I whipped out my phone to call my mom, but I noticed that there were a half a dozen calls from her and Bethany. I waited anxiously for my mom to pick up the phone, “Brodie, where the hell have you been? Bethany needs you.”

“I ducked my head ashamed,”I know, Mom, but-“

“No buts, Brodie. Do you realize Bethany gave birth an hour ago? You have a son, Brodie. Now if I were you, I would drop what you’re doing and get over to the hospital.”

I gasped as what she had said set in, “Really? It’s a boy? Okay…okay.. I’ll tell you what I’ll head over to the hospital and you meet us there, alright?”

An idea was forming in my mind, as she hung up the phone. I climber back into the ambulance, and plopped down next to Eila. I spoke to the driver who promised to take us to the Twinbrook Memorial Hospital. Our journey seemed to last forever, when really, it was only an hour or so.

When we got to the hospital, I gave Eila a hug before they took her into an exam room, “I have to run upstairs, but I’ll be back with someone I want you to meet.”

screenshot-10I willed the elevator to go faster as I neared the Labor and Delivery ward. I found Bethany’s room without a problem and pushed open the door tentatively. Bethany was sleeping soundly, and my mother sat in the corner of the room, holding my son. She gave me a smile as she placed him into my arms. I began sobbing as I apologized for not being there for him. Eventually, he began to cry too, which ended up waking Bethany. I saw every emotion imaginable flash across her face when she noticed me.

“Where were you, Brodie?”

I pulled my mom closer so she could hear, “I found her, Beth. I really wish I had been here, and it’s my fault for silencing my phone, but  she’s here, in the hospital, they are just waiting for the exam to be done so she can get some rest.”

My mom crumpled to the floor in a ball of tears, huge sobs causing her frame to shake,. I knelt down next to her on the floor and put my arms around her. She threw her arms around me, “Thank you Brodie. Thank you!”

I helped her stand up when she was ready, “Are you ready to see Eila?”

~3 years later~

Brodie and Bethany sat in the backyard, watching their children playing. Little Benjamine chased Hazel through the yard as the twins took turns on the swing set. Brodie held Bethany’s hand in his, “How did we get so lucky?” Bethany smiled, “No clue, hon.”  They shared a passionate kiss before Brodie made his way into the house. He headed upstairs, towards Eila’s room. He knocked softly, and entered once she gave the okay, “It’s a beautiful day, Eila. Do you want to try coming outside and watching the kids play?” A swift shake of her head made Brodie’s shoulders sink in defeat, but he was determined not to give up. He put his arms around her and whispered, “I miss her too.” Tears rolled down his face as memories of his mother filled him. Once they brought Eila home, she and Ashling were attached at the hip. Wherever Ashling went, so did Eila. Everyone was devastated when Ashling passed away last month, but Eila was nearly frantic without her newfound mother. Brodie looked up as Bethany appeared in the doorway. Brodie stood up and let her try to help his sister. He went back downstairs to check on the kids. Hazel met him with a giant hug, “Is Auntie Eila okay?” Brodie gave her a kiss on the forehead, “Of course, sweetie, she just misses Grandma.” While Hazel was biologically Eila’s, she had wanted Bethany and Brodie to adopt Hazel, not knowing what the future would hold for herself. Bethany came downstairs and put her arms around Brodie, “We’re just going to have to give her time, Brodie, and if nothing ever changes, we’ll just keep loving her.” Brodie smiled slowly,”I love you, honey, and I don’t tell you nearly enough, but you are amazing.”


Guys! I have horrible news, and it kills me to say this, but the Jamesons are officially discontinued. This last weekend, some jerk broke into my car and stole my purse and backpack, which just so happened to contain my laptop. Seeing as it was my only source of playing the sims, and that I’m currently typing this on my phone, (so please excuse any typos) I’m crushed because I really was inspired by Brodie’s generation. I don’t want to leave you with a cliffhanger, so I’ll pull some of the photos I already started to upload here and create some sort of finale, but it will probably be mostly words and fewer pictures than normal.

I have REALLY REALLY enjoyed writing for you all, and I’ve loved hearing your feedback. You guys are more encouraging than you’ll ever realize. If I ever start another legacy y’all will be the first to know.

Much love, Starlet

Gen 4.10 On the Edge of Home


Brodie’s P.O.V


“You did what?!?!”

I heard the disbelief in Bethany’s voice, but I pressed on, “Honey, we can handle it. She’ll just be with us for a few days if not a week or two, until figure out who she is.”

“Brodie, you can’t be serious. I’m nearly 8 months pregnant, the girls are just barely toilet-trained, and you’re hardly ever home. How do you expect we’ll accomplish this?”

“Beth, you don’t understand. I’m connected to this baby somehow. Over the last three years as a police officer, I’ve made several domestic interventions, and aided the CPS, but never have I felt so drawn to a baby before. Other than our daughters, of course. I can’t explain it Beth, but this little baby needs us right now.”

She sighed deeply, “You have to promise me that you won’t do any overtime while she’s here with us. I’m going to need your help. She can stay for two weeks, and if she’s still unknown, we can let a more permanent foster family take her, okay?”

I nodded rapidly, and went out to the living room where my mom was holding her. I gently held her and brought her to Bethany, “Bethany, this is Baby Doe.”

screenshot-129Bethany scoffed, “Really? Baby Doe? While she’s here, she’s getting a proper name,” she squinted her eyes and looked over the baby, “She looks like a Hazel.”

I grinned from ear to ear, “Hazel it is.” I kissed her forehead before taking the baby to the nursery. I laid her down in Vivienne’s old crib, “Sweet dreams, Hazel.”

Morning came way too swiftly, because we had discovered that little Hazel liked to eat every two hours on the dot. I groggily reached for the pot of coffee before knocking on my mom’s door, “Ma, are you awake? We gotta be there at 9 because his arraignment is at 9:15, and Chief Kragen said you get 5 minutes with him.” Her muffled reply came, and shortly thereafter we were on our way.

screenshot-130I let her into the holding area and said, “Mom, I’ll be behind you if you need me.”

I watched as my mom paced back and forth before the cage, like a cat stalking their prey, “You look awful, Harley. They should have let you keep that rat’s nest you used to call hair.”

Harley leaned against the bars and turned his gaze to the floor, “I plan on pleading guilty, Ash-“

 My mom interrupted him, slashing her hands downward, “You don’t get to call me Ash. You aren’t my friend, you’re the bastard who stole my daughter! You are a worthless piece of flesh to whom death would be too swift a punishment.”

Harley broke down into pitiful sobs, “I can say nothing but sorry, Ash..erm, Ms. Jameson. I know what I did was wrong and I understand if you hate me. I just want you to know, I truly tried to take care of her.”

screenshot-131My mom once again interrupted him with a scoff, “Was that before or after you sold her to your drug dealer? I get what you’re trying to do, you know, trying to make me forgive you, but you have to know, as long as my daughter is out there, I’ll never forgive you.”

With that being said, my mom stormed out of the room and I followed behind her. She was shaking like a leaf once we were in the car. I put my arms around her, “You going to be alright, Ma?”

She began sobbing onto my shoulder, “I wish your father were here to face him with me. It kills me that he died before we found out what happened to her. I think I just want to go home, Brodie.”

I had no words to comfort her because I also missed my dad more than anything. He had passed away right after the twins were born, only getting to meet them a handful of times. I held back my tears until my mom was safely at home. It wasn’t until I was back at work did I let them fall. When I was spent, I pounded my fist on the steering wheel, “I’m not giving up on you, Eila. Never.”

screenshot-139The next week was filled to the brim with paperwork and pencil pushing at the precinct, just the way Bethany liked it. I walked in the front door one evening to the quiet sounds of the twins playing in their room, and Bethany nowhere to be found. Her muffled voice could be heard as I passed our bedroom. I peeked open the door, only to find her on the bed with Hazel, “You’re such a sweet girl, precious one. You’re Mommy’s little angel.”

I opened the door, unable to hide my knowing smile on my face, “I heard that,” I whispered.

I settled next to her on the bed as she laid her head on my shoulder, “How can one little pink bundle make your heart feel so warm just by looking at her precious face, Brodie?” She turned to look at me and cut off any reply that was in my mouth, “It’s going to be hell to giver her  up, babe. I feel awful for hoping that no one comes forward to claim her, but she’s ours now. I can’t explain it, honey, as apprehensive as I was before she came, she fits in quite nicely with our gaggle of ladies.”

screenshot-140I smiled and pressed my lips to her forehead before we were joined my by the girl scrambling up onto the bed for our attention. Reina settled comfortably on my lap, sucking her thumb and playing with the buttons on my shirt. Vivienne sat down gently on Bethany’s lap, or what was left of it. She was babbling away, while Bethany stroked her hair.  I pulled Hazel into my arms, and watched as Reina “petted” her with her free hand. I reached over and laid a hand on Bethany’s round stomach, “I’m up to my neck in hormones here, buddy. Please, please be a boy.” Bethany laughed and gave me a playful shove, before setting her head back down on my shoulder. Nothing could possibly be more perfect than this moment right here.



 As the hatch above Crystal opened with a creak, she didn’t bother to lift her head from her lap. When she heard Pieter’s voice, she barely looked up, “It’s done.” She rolled over and curled into a ball, tears hidden from sight rolling down her cheeks.  Pieter put a hand on her shoulder, “C’mon now, it’s going to be okay. I plan on talking to Dad about upgrading your living arrangements a little. Maybe get you a real shower instead of a spigot, and a mini-fridge? Whaddya think?” Crystal turned to face him, her eyes flashing with anger, “I don’t want a freakin’ mini-fridge, you idiot,” she got upon her knees and grasped desperately at his shirt, “Baby, we can finally be a family once I’m free.” screenshot-135 His grimy hand came up to the back of his neck and he grunted, “Crystal, how do you plan on getting away from my dad, huh? You don’t think he’ll go to the ends of the earth to bring you back and silence you forever?”

His eyes shot down nervously, hoping she wouldn’t see through excuse for what it was, but she did, “What are you hiding, Pieter? If your father is so scary, then the first place we’ll go is to the police station and report him. You’re as bad as he is, keeping me trapped here.”

He groaned, “Okay, I didn’t want to tell you like this, but we can’t be a family anywhere except in here………because, I’m…uh….married.”

Crystal stood up on the bed, towering over him, visibly shaking with anger, “Get….out…”

Gen 4.9 Wisps of Yesterday

cover-1 ~This chapter is going to be done a little differently, and not written from Brodie’s P.O.V. Hope you like it :)~


Crystal fell to the floor of her small prison and gripped her stomach as waves of nausea and pain simultaneously overthrew her. She whispered to the empty room, “It’s not time. It’s too early. I can’t have this baby now!” She screamed in agony, hoping that someone might hear her and send for help. Who knows how long it had been, but Crystal lay on her bed, exhausted and unable to sleep. The hatch above her was thrown open, and the young man shimmied down the crude ladder. Crystal wobbled onto her feet before throwing her arms around him, “Pieter, you heard me! You have to help me. My water broke not too long ago…” She stopped when she saw the grim look on his face, “What’s wrong, Pieter?” He sighed before rubbing a hand on his neck, “My father sent me down here with a message. If you don’t shut up and stop screaming, I’ll be forced to kill your baby, and trust me, I don’t want to do that.” Crystal began sobbing quietly, until a new contraction began, along with the urge to push. She gripped Pieter’s arm and begged him to help her. He took one look into her pleading eyes before helping her get back onto the bed.



Brodie scoured the Bridgeport park for a sign of the man from his past, Harley Thompson. He checked his watch and tried to calculate whether it would be too late to call his girls and wish them goodnight. He pulled out his cell but paused when he saw a scrawny man, hunched by the fountain. His face out of sight, Brodie went against his better judgement and approached the man. He stood a few feet away before clearing his throat,

“Excuse me, are you Harley Thompson?”

The man’s head popped up and met Brodie’s even gaze, “I might be. It depends on who’s doing the asking.”

Brodie pulled the man up by his shirt, and peered into his small face, “I’m asking, and I’m not a patient man.” Harley gulped before nodding slightly. Brodie threw the man down in disgust, “Where is she?”

Harley looked completely dumbfounded, “Where’s who?”

“My sister, that’s who! Where is she?!?!”

“Brodie? Wow, you sure are grown up. The last time I saw you, you were just a little boy.”

Brodie blew out a breath of frustrated air, “I know, the last time you saw me was when you kidnapped my sister on the shores of Isla Paradiso. Now where the hell is she, and believe me when I say that this is the last time I’m going to ask.”

Harley grew quiet for a moment, “You’re right, son, what I did was awful, and I never should have taken her. I was driven by jealousy and drugs. That morning, I was walking along the beach and I saw your guys’ family. It drove me crazy that your dad stole my girl. I saw my opportunity and took it. I kept your sister with me at my warehouse. I swear to you, I never harmed a hair on her head. I treated her like my own daughter. Six months later, I was on a crazy coke binge and ended up bringing her with me to meet my dealer, Giovanni. He offered me more money than you could ever imagine, and if I hadn’t been so cracked out, I never would have agreed. The last I saw her, he drove off with her on the east end of Bridgeport.”

Brodie paced back and forth before the man, he was not sure whether to cry or to groan in frustration. Finally he sighed, “Man, thanks for bein’ honest with me. I still hate your guts, but I appreciate you being straight with me, but I’m still going to cuff you.”

Hurley hung his head, “I understand, Brodie. I’m so sorry.”


screenshot-64 “C’mon baby, just one more push and we can meet this baby, alright?”

Crystal groaned and gave one last push, gasping as she felt her baby enter the world. The tiny, hungry cry of a newborn shattered the silence that had surrounded them. Pieter settled the baby on Crystal’s lap before he noticed she was crying, and they certainly weren’t tears of joy. “What’s wrong, baby?”

screenshot-66Crystal looked down at the squealing baby on her chest before handing her over, “Take her, Pieter. She needs to be somewhere safe, and as much as I love her, what kind of life will she have here?” He looked dumbfounded, “Where will I take her? And what do we tell my father? He’s going to want to know what happened.” Crystal began sobbing harder, “T-Tell him…she died, and that you buried her somewhere. Now please, it kills me to see her anymore…just go.”

screenshot-67In the wee hours of the morning, Pieter found the nearest Bridgeport police station and cradled the little girl. He whispered as he laid her down, “Your momma loves you. Don’t ever forget that.” He turned and rang the emergency bell and dissappeared around the corner.


Brodie was wrapping up the paperwork on the Harley Thompson case. As soon as he finished the report, he was going home. It had been several weeks following this lead, and it was costing him dearly. He wanted to be able to go home and pull Bethany in his arms. He wanted to kiss his two girl on the head and read them their favorite bedtime story . The ringing of the emergency alarm interrupted his musings. screenshot-69He raced to the door and swung it open,  only to be met with the sight of a small baby, wailing at the top of her lungs. He scooped up the little one and bounced her gently in his arms as he scanned the surrounding streets for any signs of the mother. He wrapped her in his jacket before bringing her inside, “Who do you belong to, sweetheart?”

Pretty Please?

Hey guys! I don’t usually ask for things like this, but since it’s family, I’m going to, lol. My cousin just started an AMAZING sims 3 story, and if you’re interested, I’m going to leave a link for you. She could really use some encouragement since she’s newer to the simming community.


Void Of Color